Tribe Tats

Take an adventure with me...

Tribe Tats are in!!!

I recently took a family vacation to Colorado to check out our new land.  My dad is building a log cabin and now he has the land to put it on! So proud of him! =)  Anyway, on this vacation, or actually anytime i go to Colorado, I am blown away by the beauty of the mountains.  In fact, every time we took a photo we had to position ourselves so the mountains were in the back ground! 

Tribe Tats was so nice to send me a pack of their fabulous tattoos so I wanted to come up with a cool and creative blog for them.  Here it is...

I thought every time you see these beautiful tats, you think of summer and girls in bikinis.  Well, why not show a way to wear them in the fall weather?  I planned this outfit around their tattoos in order to show them off.  They make great accessories no matter what time of year! 

Rings, rings, and more rings!  Layer these tats and you'll have a collection on your fingers that looks like real jewelry!

Not only did the mountains make a beautiful back drop but the Aspen Trees are amazing this time of year! The fall colors worked well with with the silvers and golds of the tribe tats.  I love how the colors really pop in these photos!  We enjoyed the Aspen trees so much that they became the inspiration for my new little kittens name.  Aspen and Denver came home with us after this trip, my two adorable little Colorado cabin kitties! ;) (photo at bottom)  Also, If you wanna stalk Colorado photos further, find me on facebook to see the most amazing boomerang of my dad shaking his Aspen! ;)

Layered bracelets and wrist tats can work with any outfit.  Although it does look pretty with a horse as the back drop! =)

This horse might be the best model I have ever seen! =)  He was such a beauty and stood still for me the whole time. 

Details of the Necklace and leg tats were a must!  The necklace was my favorite piece of all, and it lasted the longest too!  I was able to wear it for a week! I made sure to wear v-necks the whole time though! haha!

Click this Image above to head to to shop their selections!

Outfit Details:

Hat: Fallen Broken Street

Sweater: Free People

Dress: Blessed are the Meek

Over the Knee Boots: Free People

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Purse: Spell Designs

Special thanks to my parents for taking these photos and having a play day with me!

Hope everyone has a fantastic and adventurous weekend! =) Love, Jamie and kitties (left: Aspen right: Denver)

Leather Weather

Thanks to Just Fab for Another Fabulous pair of shoes! Woohoo! 

I would totally rock this for a work day at the office as long as I knew I was going to meet friends for drinks after.  This all black and leather ensemble has to be seen out right!?!  Yes, yes it does!  This is my business night out look!

The shoes are super high which probably makes me over 6 feet, But I do like being the tallest girl in the room! =)  They are very comfortable since they have full platform support.  Check out Just Fab to get a pair of these pretties!

The Dress is Nicole Miller and yes, I ordered it from Gilt Group.  I am a sucker for those flash sales!   I love the leather sheath look, and the metallic detailing on the sleeves set it off just right.  No need to accessorize this beauty!

The bag is my new business tote from Kate Spade.  It fits my whole life in there!  Except for my gun and boots, but we cant have it all every day! ;)  It is perfect for work and then is small enough to transition into a purse.  I have used it as my carry on for flights too.  It fits perfectly under the seat in front of me, and we all know those can be tight spaces! 

Of course, you can throw the wedges on with boyfriend jeans and a blazer for a more casual look.  Shoot!  Even wrap a denim shirt around the dress and throw some booties on to rough this look up a bit!  I never buy anything without thinking of three ways to style it first.  Try that next time you go shopping! 

Check out more lovely photos by Sharon Coker below!

Have a great day!



"Game Day" with Frock Fashions

Why cant game days look like a fashion show?  Well, I think now they can! Check out this cool look book I produced and styled for Frock Fashions. 

This was such a fun challenge for us to put this together and Im super pleased with how it turned out!  We battled the rain and heat, but the models still did an amazing job!

Ill admit I was inspired when I saw victoria's secret models in a shoot wearing football jerseys.  I thought, that is a game day shoot there! ;)  I wanted to play with the contrast of the boys being sweaty, dirty, and playing football while the girls are effortless in their high fashion, ready to hit the dance floor apparel! Here are a few of my favorites below!

All Wardrobe from Frock Fashions.

Models: Mckenzie Kersen, Danielle Bergeron, and Shemah Crosby all from JEA Model Management.

Photographer: Sharon Coker of JEA Model Mgmt

Hair/MUA: Tracy Branch of JEA Model Mgmt

Assistants: Laya Wyatt and Brii Hocutt

Styling and producing by me! =)

Feelin Some Kind of Way...

Feelin some kinda way in these sneakers....

Feeling like dancing that is or walking around a crowded event so all the people will notice my shoes! ;)

Thanks to Just Fab for sending over a box of shoes for myself and my models!  I took first dibs on these awesome sneakers and had to share with you.  For the first look, I decided to stick with black and white head to toe.  I think it makes the look clean and expensive.  You can never go wrong with a good white t-shirt either, and the leather shorts add just enough to dress it up! I would wear this to work, the grocery store ;), and I would even pack this outfit for my travels to LA or NY!  Its the perfect walking around outfit on a hot day!

Outfit Details // Sneakers: Just Fab, Leather Shorts: BCBG, White T-shirt: Zara, Flat Bill Hat: Genie by Eugenia Kim ordered from //

As you go through out your day, sometimes you just want to change it up a little.  I added a lightweight jacket from Free People, and a Hilton Hollis Scarf to layer on my sporty outfit.  It instantly changed it to more a more casual lady like look.  Now I will be ready for evening drinks outside on those slightly cooler nights!  Check it out!

Thanks again to Just Fab for the amazing shoes!  Find them @justfabonline

Thanks to my Photographer, Sharon Coker!

Have a great day and don't forget to be silly! =)



Frock Fashions "Grunge"

Hey There!

Here is part two of four of my lovely look books with Frock Fashions.  This set is called "Grunge" and is meant for every girl.  Whenever you have those days of not wanting to dress up but to still be cute and not knowing what to wear, this is inspiration for you!  Go casual and effortless with these pieces from Frock Fashions! 

Have a happy fashionable week! =)

All Wardrobe, Accessories, and Shoes from Frock Fashions.

Producer/Stylist/Videos: Jamie Ainsworth

Photographer: Sharon Coker of JEA Model Management

Hair/Makeup: Tracy Branch of JEA Model Management

Models: Shemah, Mckenzie, and Danielle of JEA Model Managment

Frock Fashions - "Date Night"

Hey Friends!

Im so Excited to release the first look book from our shoot with Frock Fashions!  I produced 4 mini look book shoots all in one day.  It was long and we battled the rain, but it was such a thrilling day as well!  As a creative, I felt challenged and this is what drives me to work harder.  I absolutely loved working for Jacqui from Frock on this project!

This first shoot as you can see in the video above is the "Date Night" look book.  I wanted to create a feel of nice, dressier outfits that you would wear out to parties, events, or dates!  The fashion from this store made this so easy to style these outfits.  They are also transitional from day to night.  Throw on those sequins with a jacket and booties for office hours and then grab your heels and a darker lipstick out of your metallic bag to hit the town after!  Take a look at these awesome photos below!

All Wardrobe and Accessories and most shoes from Frock Fashions!

Photograher: Sharon Coker of JEA Model Mgmt

Hair/Makeup: Tracy Branch of JEA Model Mgmt

Models: Mckenzie Kersen, Shemah Crosby, and Danielle Bergeron from JEA Model Mgmt

Producing and Styling: Jamie Ainsworth // Owner of JEA Model Mgmt

Go to Frock Fashions in Madison or Oxford to purchase these awesome goodies and stay tuned for 3 more look books to be posted soon!

Have a great weekend!

- Jamie

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Strolling Down Abbot Kinney

Hey Friends!

When you are walking down the cutest street in California and see a beautiful bleeding heart wall, what would you do?  Take photos of course!

I took a group of models and my photographer friend, Sharon Coker, to Los Angeles a couple weeks ago and needless to say we had the best time!  This evening we had a little free time, so we took an uber over to Abbot Kinney Blvd. to have a nice dinner and do a little shopping. 

If you have never been to Abbot Kinney Blvd., I have a few recommendations of places to try. 

// FOOD \\

1. Gjelina - // This place is fabulous for dinner!  We enjoyed everything from appetizers to drinks.  Call ahead for reservations, but it will be worth it!

2. Kreation Kafe & Jucery - // They create their own organic juices which is great for a grab and go while youre shopping on Abbot Kinney.

3.  Lemonade - //  I stopped here for lunch one day and it was a buffet of choices. So good by the way!  Also, any flavor of lemonade you can imagine!


1.  LF Stores - // Give this store a follow on insta @lfabbotkinney and you'll be inspired by their trendy, edgy, and affordable fashion.

2.  Beach House Brand - // I just love the idea of endless summer!  As they say "It's always summer somewhere"!

3. Aust - // You all know how much I love Australian Fashion and this store is full of it!  Male or Female you gotta check this one out.

Check this places out and give them a follow on instagram! Even if you cant go to Cali, there is always online shopping. =)

// Outfit Info \\

My outfit for my shopping/dinner date with the ladies was inspired after getting this new skirt.  Im a sucker for and I found this little white number on sale on gilt.  Its a great brand called style stalker.  The front detail gives it a feminine touch which is why I paired it with black to bring back in the edgy side. 

The rest of the outfit are a few things Ive had in my closet for a little while.  Gotta stick to the classics!  Black mock neck from Zara, Black leather crop Jacket from LA Made, Slip on heels by Dolce Vita, and Chunky gold necklace bought used from a friend.

Check out the rest of the photos for black and white outfit inspiration!  All photos by Sharon Coker Photography!

Spring Fashion

Pretty in Pink

The Amazing photographer Graeme Wilson brought out my inner girly self with this pink on pink shoot.  I really had so much fun though...i guess a little pink never hurt anyone. =) 

For this shoot, i was feeling a little like Beyonce by wearing the shorty shorts and making it look like a leotard underneath.  We all need those "feeling myself" moments! =)  If I were to wear this out though, it could be easily paired with a fitted skirt, shorts, or even a body con dress or tunic tucked in.  This would make it more wearable for everyday.  Also, when is it ever not fun to wear a flowy skirt?  Something you can swing around in and dance in all day! Yes Please!

Outfit Details //  Shoes: Free People, Sheer Skirt: American Apparel, Shorty shorts: Free People, and Stretch Tank: Free People \\

Arco Avenue Spring Look Book

You know its time for spring and summer when you see pastels everywhere!  If you know me, then you know I love black and white so this was especially fun to come out of my comfort zone and play with color!

Arco Avenue, is a fabulous shoe and accessory store in Ridgeland, MS.  If you haven't had a chance to check it out, you should!  Katie, the owner, hired me and my team at JEA Model Management to put together this whole shoot.  I had the pleasure of producing this shoot with Katie.  We planned everything from outfits, to poses, to what colors should coordinate.  Im so pleased with how this shoot turned out!

I want to give credit to everyone who worked so hard on this amazing day! Photographer: Sharon Coker, Hair/Makeup Artist: Tracy Branch, Models from JEA Model Management: Bri Hoccut, Morgan Hollis, and Abby Tyner, Assistants: Anna Goodson, Molly Boyer, and Caroline Thomas.  Also, a special thanks to our pets and pet owners from bringing the most amazing photogenic animals! =)

Check out this amazing set below and contact Arco Avenue if you want to buy any fun products!

Click Any Image to Enlarge.

Click Any Image to Enlarge.

Behind the scenes video created by me! =)

Thanks to everyone for working so hard on this shoot!  It was so much fun and I cant wait to work with everyone again!

Client: Arco Avenue (All shoes and accessories are from this awesome store!)

Producer: Jamie Ainsworth

Photographer: Sharon Coker

Hair/Makeup: Tracy Branch

Models: Bri Hocutt, Abby Tyner, and Morgan Hollis

Assistants: Anna Goodson, Molly Boyer, and Caroline Thomas

Willow the dog provided by Kristen Ley and Sky the Bird provided by Dustin and Bobby!

Contact: or if you would like to work with us!

Thanks!!! =)


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Black and White All day Everyday!

Hey There!

Here is one more set from my shoot with Sharon Coker in New York.  This was taken in the middle of central park on a super hot day!  Don't worry though, the hardest part was climbing the rocks in these skinny heels and trying not to fall!

Tracy Branch did my hair and makeup and snuck in some bright colored streaks with Hair chalk.  I felt super cool! ;)

This outfit was easy for me.  I basically wear black and white everyday!  It is a must have for every closet.  I took these oversized one teaspoon pants and paired with a simple black top and shoe.  The pants definitely speak for themselves and easily steal the show!  Not to mention, they are the best dance britches! Yes, emphasis on the britches! =)

Check out these photos below! 

Thanks again to Sharon Coker and Tracy Branch for spending time with me and making this shoot extra fun!

//Click any image to Enlarge\\

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Summer Time in New York

Summer Time in New York

Ive been waiting so long to show off these photos!  The next two posts will be a little throwback to our summer shoots in New York from last July.

I planned a trip to New York to take one of my models to agency meetings.  While we were there we stayed and hung out with my other JEA models that were currently living in New York.  It was an amazing experience for all of the girls, and the parents would agree, a definite growth and learning phase of life!

This trip turned into photo-shoots everyday!  Sharon Coker and Tracy Branch teamed up and joined us in New York.  We did two looks on each model, including myself.  You can see the other girls on  I'm finally showing off mine here! =)

My first look is this two piece Cmeo Collective outfit.  Its absolutely stunning!  You've probably seen me post photos of it before because I cant get enough of it.  The blue and tan flow perfectly with just a hint of sexy and sophistication.

Ive also been known to shoot with animals.  I feel like its becoming my specialty! ;) However, i had no clue I would run into a guy with a snake in central park!  So, i took advantage of this situation and put on a show.  One look from Sharon and it was on!  I was a one man circus with all the tourists watching!  I think the snake enjoyed it just as much too! =) 

//Click any image to Enlarge\\

Photographer: Sharon Coker

Hair/Makeup: Tracy Branch

Styled from my closet using Cmeo Collective two piece outfit and Steve Madden Shoes.


fall fashion, Winter Fashion

Mimi's Vintage Fur

Sometimes photos just happen! =) It was my last day in Colorado, and luckily I got snowed in and stayed another day! Yay!  While we were eating lunch at the cute bowling alley on main street in Westcliffe, Colorado, we watched the snow storm head our way.  Of course, why not take photos in this gorgeous weather changing atmosphere!?! 

I happened to be wearing my Mimi's vintage fur which I think makes the outfit pull together.  Mixing the browns and blacks gives this a great smart tone and texture.  Adding the hat and the view of the mountains made the mix of the vintage and western vibe really come together.

I'm all about proportions too!  If I'm going to wear something bulky like the fur vest then I will mix it with something that will make me look taller.  Like these fleece lined leggings and sweater that hits at the top of the thigh.  This creates the elongating look while still wearing the oversized sweater and fur on top.

Take a look at these fun spontaneous photos!  Hope you enjoy!

Hat: Style Revel, Sweater: Eternal Sunshine Creations, Vest: Mimi's Closet ;), Fleece lined leather leggings: Mulberry dreams original store, Over the knee boots: Vince Camuto from Arco Avenue.

Photographer: My lovely Momma, Staci! Love you!